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Your Online Glass Shop. Why travel to several shops looking for that one product that you can’t find? Save your time and money and shop with convenience at Kannakart. Convenience, simplicity, low pricing, a wide selection of products, and the most knowledgeable staff in the industry; that is what we offer. Shop the best way, the Kannakart way. If you don’t see a product you’d like, let us know, and we can order it for you.

Who Are We? Kannakart was started by two entrepreneurs from Philadelphia; where it is always sunny! Our roots are in this industry; it is where we have been for as long as we can remember. We are always re-inventing and improving the way the industry operates and how people use the products within it. We strive to create the best shopping experience by offering the best glass, new and innovative accessories, and a knowledgeable team that is always here to help.

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