How We Roll: The 4 Best Rolling Papers

The Best Rolling Papers

Whether you’re a smoking connoisseur or an “I-only-smoke-once-a-year” smoker, everyone has their preferred method of consumption when it’s time to toke up. While some consumers prefer a hit from the bong at 4:20, others may reach for their trusty peace pipes, bowls, or one of the many smoking contraptions that are flooding the market right now. Still, others stick to what would be now considered “old school” technique of rolling up a nice stick via rolling Papers or cigar. Nevertheless, as I prepared for my wake & bake sesh this morning, I automatically reached for a pack of Swisher Sweets and my Pax 3 vape pen. We are truly creatures of habit, and my introduction to rolling came in Georgia in the 90’s. No fancy gadgets that came with special instructions and no need for Google. Just crumble and roll. I personally find the entire rolling process therapeutic; and while I am known for keeping a few packs of Swishers and a Dutch in my bag at all times, I’ll roll whatever ya got! Here’s our guide to the best rolling papers on the market.

Rolling paper guidelines

Shine Gold Rolling Papers – Fit for a King

There are as many rolling paper options, and these are most of the reasons given by consumers who prefer papers: the thickness of the paper, how slow it burns, and what it’s made of (rice, hemp, or cellulose). Other concerns, of course, are there are health risks that come with anything smoked, but that’s an article for another time.

We’re going to talk about a few brands today that produce some of the best rolling papers: Shine, RAW, Randy’s, and Doobi. I’ve decided to begin with Shine. Shine Rolling Papers come in either gold or white gold papers and wraps. To answer your questions…yes, they are actually 24k Gold, which is why their price point is a bit higher. But hey, these are def worth it to try if you want to wow your friends and roll in style. They burn just as well as any other standard paper, in my opinion, making them some of the best rolling papers on the market.

RAW Rolling Papers – Slow and Smooth

Next is RAW; the unbleached and unrefined rolling paper. I’ve honestly seen them at almost every festival, conference, and friends house. RAW has capitalized on the rolling paper market from various size rolling trays and rolling papers, to cones of the most obnoxious sizes that you can’t help but love to spark up! So I started with a 1 ¼ paper, which is a bit too small for my taste. An issue which can be easily remedied by purchasing any of the bigger sizes from their large array of options. RAW claims to provide the smoothest burn without runs due to their unique steam-imprint watermark pattern. I can personally attest to the proposition that RAW does, in fact, burn nice and slowly without the need to be relit constantly. Check out The Grindarolla which is our #1 selling product; it works with the RAW Cones and grinds and rolls at the same time!

Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers – A Classic

Old fashioned Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers, innovation at its finest since 1975! Where does the wired part come from? Well, in each paper is a small metal wire which you can bend and hold and smoke the paper all the way to the end without burning your fingers. Absolutely amazing! You also look super cool when smoking it 🙂

Doobi Hemp Rolling Papers – The New Kid on the Block

Finally, though my “research” has left me in a state of euphoric higher learning. I was quite surprised by the quality of this brand that I’d never heard of before, Doobi. This budding new company out of Philadelphia offers such a high quality, slow burning hemp rolling paper. They’re extra long too, at 4 ¼ in length, which gets them on our list of the best rolling papers!

That’s a wrap on our list of the 4 best rolling papers for the everyday or casual smoker. If you have any questions about the rolling papers we carry or any of our other products, please contact us here. We’d love to hear from you!