best products for older smokers

5 Best Products for Older Smokers

5 Best Products for Older Smokers With Limited Hand Dexterity

As people age, they may lose dexterity in their hands due to many complications. While living with these conditions may be challenging, smoking with them doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s arthritis or carpal tunnel, there are products that can make smoking easier. Here’s our list of the 5 best products for older smokers.

Hemp Wick Lighters

Hemp wick lighters and dispensers are a simple tool that helps make lighting up easier. These lighters eliminate the need to fumble with a lighter after every puff, proving to be an essential for smokers with limited dexterity. An additional benefit of a wick lighter is the low temperature at which it burns. A lower temperature allows for a smoother inhale.


The Grindarolla is a grinder and packer all in one. For the smoker that has difficulty rolling but enjoys a classic smoking method, the Grindarolla provides a simple and effective way to roll a medicinal stick. This gadget also provides convenient storage and comes with a Ninja Star Cleaning Tool.

One Hitters

Also known as chillums, these simple pipes may be small, but are very easy to pack and use for those with limited hand dexterity. With a lack of a carb on the side, a one hitter provides a less diluted smoke and eliminates the need for fine motor skills.


The beauty of a steamroller is found in the larger carb at the end of the pipe. For those with a lack of fine motor skills, this large carb can be covered with the flat of your palm or any other large surface for easy use.

Bamboo Bongs

Though bamboo bongs will still require the user to remove the bowl to clear the chamber, you won’t find many bongs that are more durable. Made from timber-strength bamboo, the Bootube from Maui Wowie is tempered for additional strength. Though a bamboo bong requires more attentive maintenance, the methods required are easy for those with limited dexterity.