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5 Best Smoking Bags for Discreet Travel

5 Best Smoking Bags for Discreet Travel

Now that the summer months are finally here and vacations are being planned, it’s important to remember to pack the essentials! Here are some of our best smoking bags for the discreet and fashionable smoker in the Summer time.

RYOT Axe Pack

The Axe-Pack is the ultimate all-in-one bag for traveling with your valuables. Available in two sizes, these bags are equipped with heavy interior padding and a hard exterior shell for the highest level of protection. Activated carbon is used to create an odor absorbing barrier to ensure discretion. The Axe-Pack also comes with a prep tray, grinder storage pocket, moisture seal zipper, lighter pocket, and velcro straps.

Erbanna Kate Odorless Backpack

This non-leather backpack features two portions. The top part of the accessory functions as a standard backpack to store everyday personal items. The bottom portion is odor controlled and comes with sectional foam to safely transport your glass. This bag provides the perfect hiding place for your smoking accessories, allowing you to carry your favorite pieces discreetly.

The Melissa Wristlet by Annabis

Classy and compact, this wristlet is the perfect accessory for the smoking woman who is on-the-go. With two zippered odor-loc compartments, in addition to being fully encased in an odor-loc shell, this bag ensures discretion. The Melissa also features pockets for your post smoke session essentials like mints, eye drops, etc., creating the perfect bag for the careful smoker.

Jenny Odorless Wristlet by Erbanna

Conveniently equipped with a lock to protect your glass and valuables from sticky fingers, this Erbanna bag is perfect for discreet travel. The accessory is designed with odor-loc technology and features two odor controlled pockets, and a waterproof zipper. Its small size means that this bag can be used as a clutch as well as a bag-in-a-bag.

RYOT PackRatz

Like the Axe-Pack, this bag is designed with activated carbon in the lining and a moisture seal zipper to provide extra odor blocking. Well padded to keep your valuables safe, this bag is also lined with nylon for easy cleaning. The PackRatz features a removable Fresh Pod, specially lined to keep your flower and tobacco fresh. This pocket-sized accessory is great for discreetly taking your medicines on a quick trip.