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7 Essential Smoking Accessories for Beginners

Smoking Accessories for Beginners

As a first time or casual smoker, we want to enlighten you on the best accessories to heighten your experience. Smoking Accessories not only help you best prepare your flower, but they can make your smoking experience more enjoyable. Don’t know what accessories to get? Don’t worry, Kannakart is here to give you the rundown.

Santa Cruz Shredder

The Santa Cruz is the most popular grinder on the market right now. Even if don’t smoke often, you’ve likely seen it before. It’s sleek, sturdy, and leaves you with properly ground flower. This grinder is 2.1in of ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum with strong teeth that cuts both ways. The Santa Cruz Shredder is made in the US and is scratch resistant. An industry staple, and a staple to anyone’s collection

Herby’s Twist Grindarolla

First time rolling? Rolling is tough and will take time to learn how to do it properly. With the Grindarolla you can roll without knowing how. This crowd favorite grinds and rolls 1-6 smokes at a time. Just insert your goods, twist, and there you go! The Grindarolla gives you a perfect roll every time! This tool is lightweight and a huge time-saver if you are on the go. The Grindarolla works best with Raw Cones.

Randy’s Classic Rolling Papers

You know when you get to the end of the smoke and it keeps going out, or it burns your hand.? Well, with Randy’s Papers, you never have to worry about that happening because they come with a small wire in the paper. As the paper burns, you can bend the wire and hold it to smoke the stick. The wire acts as a natural handle for durability, classic Randy. These rolling papers have been made in the USA since 1975.

Grav Labs Spoon

Every smoker needs a glass bowl or spoon. This classic piece from GRAV features a built in cone ash catcher in the mouthpiece. This spoon is the perfect starting piece at just 25mm. With Grav Labs, you’ll look like an expert at your smoke sesh. It’s small enough to carry with you and use over and over again!

SmellSafe Case by RYOT

Everyone needs a case to hold their glass, rolling papers, grinder etc. It’s an important part of any smokers repertoire. The SmellSafe case from Ryot feels great and looks great, and it won’t leak smell either. It’s the perfect everyday case, with zippers, and pockets on the inside.

Grenco G Pro Vaporizer

The G Pro vaporizer is a technological marvel that offers vaporization in its truest form. Grenco Science created a pocket-friendly G Pro with one button operation. It has a sophisticated design and is easy to use. This vaporizer is a great staple for any beginning smoker. Vape the right way with the G Pro.

Elevate Glass One Hitters

Looking for a reusable one hitter or small glass pipe? Check out Elevate Glass one hitters. The sleek glass piece is easy to carry around for a spontaneous smoke sesh. They come in three colors and are branded with the Elevate logo. Elevate gives you the satisfaction of holding a cone or paper, with the ease of use of a one-hitter.

The right smoking accessories make you look and feel like a smoking pro. These essential smoking accessories are the classic favorites of many. Your first time smoking should be fun and enjoyable, so come prepared.