How to make an Apple Pipe

How to Craft an Apple Pipe

How to Craft an Apple Pipe

Have you ever found yourself with something to smoke but no pipe to smoke with? If you have herb and a lighter but no way to smoke it, you might want to try making a homemade apple pipe. Every stoner should at least make one fruit pipe in their lifetime, don’t you agree? Nothing is as classic as the apple pipe, or apple bong as some like to call it. They are cheap to make, a more natural alternative to using an aluminum can or another makeshift device, and it leaves you with a healthy snack to satisfy your munchies! There are endless ways to create functional pipes from any variety of fruits and vegetables. Cool, right? So, if you want to master the art of turning your apple into a smoking pipe, you might want to keep reading this!

Step 1

Before we begin, there is a list of necessary supplies that you will need (just like any other tutorial), so make sure you have these supplies before you begin. The first thing you will need is flower (duh). Then, you will need an apple. It can be any variety of apple, as long as the apple is firm and fresh. You will need an apple with structural integrity because old and soft apples will probably collapse while you’re boring the holes. Then, you will need some kind of poking device. This could be anything from a pen, a toothpick, a knife, a key, a stick, a screwdriver…whatever works best for you. Your poking device will be used to fashion the pipe. You will also need a lighter and unless you’ve never smoked before, you don’t need me to tell you why you’ll need one.

Step 2

This part is all about making your apple pipe. There are three popular versions of making an apple pipe- The Old Classic, The New School Method and The Hollowed Apple Pipe. Well, guess what? You are about to learn all three!

The Old Classic

Let’s start off with the old classic. First of all, you will need to twist off the stem of the apple because this is where the bowl is going to go. You can use your fingers to do this but make sure you get the entire stem. If it breaks, remove it from the base by digging into the hole with your fingers. After you have taken out the stem, you will need to bore a hole through the top of the apple with your chosen poking device. Place the pointed part of your poking device over the hole where the stem used to be, bore a hole in the apple and create a tunnel about halfway through the fruit. Poke another hole through the side of the apple to connect with the tunnel from the top of the apple. This creates an “L” shape in the fruit which will allow you to inhale effectively. After boring the holes, make sure you get rid of any bits of apple hanging on that could obstruct airflow. Now, it’s time for you to test your fruit pipe! Fill the bowl you created at the top with flower, light the bowl, suck in with your mouth from the hole you created at the side of your apple, and ENJOY!

The New School Method

This one is a new and improved twist on how to make an apple pipe! For this version, you are going to need two poking devices. You must have a knife and for the second poking device, you can use anything that you can bore a hole with, like a screwdriver or a skewer. Basically, you’re going to cut your apple into the shape of a pipe, poke a hole and make a bowl. It’s not that confusing, trust me! First off, slide off a side of the apple. Then, slice off the sides of your slice to create a rectangular piece of apple, and cut the narrow end of the apple off to create a mouthpiece. Use a knife to carve out a bowl on the fat end. Then you will need that screwdriver or skewer to bore a little tunnel through the bowl you carved in the apple slice. Fill the bowl with flower, light it up and you’re ready to smoke!

The Hollowed Apple Pipe

For this method, an additional supply that you will need is a spoon. First of all, use a knife to cut off the top of the apple. Place the knife an inch below the stem and slice off the top of the apple (don’t throw this part away, you will need it later!). Then, take the stem out of the apple’s top. Don’t cut off the top too close to the stem and try not to damage the top of the apple when dislodging the stem. The top of the apple will be made into a bowl so you want it to to be strong and solid. Now, use a spoon to carve a circular chamber out of the base of the apple and run the spoon through the flesh, around the edge of the apple, so that you create a hollow circle within the apple and from the edge of the apple. Next, you will need to make the carb and mouthpiece. Use your poking device to carefully poke a hole about an inch below the apple’s rim. This will be the carb. Then, poke a second hole a few inches to the side of the carb to make a mouthpiece. Now, it’s time to test your pipe! Place the lid back on the apple (I told you you’d need it later!) and fill the hole at the top of the lid with flower. Cover the carb with your finger while you place your mouth over the mouthpiece. Light the pipe and inhale away!

Was this helpful? Well, you probably can’t answer this right now because you’re so stoned right now and that’s okay! Enjoy your apple pipe!