one hitter

One Hitters, Chillums, and Dugouts – The Perfect on the Go Tools

Benefits of Using a One Hitter

One hitters, chillums, and dugouts are some of the most underrated smoking devices available. For novice users, a small one hitter may be all you need for a proper smoke session. For experienced smokers that may be turned off by their smaller size, think again, these can be some of the most discreet options for smoking on the go. There are a variety of styles to meet everyone’s needs; from scientific styles to heady colored glass, and all in one kits called “dugouts.”

Some of the most popular styles are scientific and colored worked glass. Scientific styles will often be simple in construction, affordable priced, and also durable. Its reasons like these that make having a one-hitter around, even as a backup, worth it. A chillum’s design, being very straight and basic in nature, is one of the strongest designs of glass pipes Ie; water-pipes, dab-rigs, and hand pipes. Colored glass chillums with special designs provide a more appealing artistic aesthetic but may sacrifice strength in their designs, with exception to some that may be blown extra thick to compensate for design. One hitters can come in many shapes and sizes and some may even be disguised as a pendant. If you’re considering glass, take the time to decide what might best fit your personal style. There are also wood and glass infusion one-hitters, such as the one-hitters from Elevate Accessories. These add a classy and posh look to your smoke sesh.

Another popular style of one hitter is the ultra discreet dug-out system. These all in one compact pocket cases contain not only a small chillum, but an area for your ground material, or flower of choice. They’re called dug out because they are small wooden boxes that only open on one end and have dug out reservoirs to hold your one-hitter and material. The one-hitters that are in these dugouts are also what makes them super discreet; they usually resemble cigarettes. They come in either glass or metal and have a sharp edge around the bowl, so instead of packing by hand, you can turn your chillum over and stamp your flower right into the bowl and smoke away! See some examples here.

Dugouts and one hitters prove time and time again to be an essential tool for any smoker on the go. Their discrete size and design make them portable and easy to fit in a pocket or bag. Everyone should have a one hitter or dugout in their pipe collection.