The Best Glass Pipes for Summer

The Best Glass Pipes for Summer

You’re looking for the best glass pipes to get you through the summer season, but with all the choices available, how do you know which pieces are going to help make this summer the most memorable one yet? Here’s our guide for the best glass pipes for summer! Let’s explore some of the many options available at Kannakart and find the one, or ones that you’ll enjoy for many summers to come.

The Classic Beaker

Beakers like the Roor 18″ Beaker Bong are probably what most people picture when they hear the word “bong”. They‘re  simple in design, however,  they work beautifully. A nice, tall beaker has the volume capacity that a typical straight tube of a similar height simply can’t compete with. The flared chamber at the bottom allows for more water and smoke than a straight tube can provide without a percolator creating additional drag to your piece. It allows you to milk your pipe for a nice fat hit, while also, allowing you to quickly and easily clear the chamber without making you work any harder than you already have to during the hot summer months.

The Build-a-Bong

Going the opposite direction from the beaker. We have a relatively new development in the glass world, the build-a-bong. The STAX set from Grav Labs has a range of options available for you to customize your pipe with whatever base, percolator(s), and mouthpiece you want, giving you an infinite number of possible builds. The Grav Labs Andromeda Stax Kit comes with a base percolated by the barrel and turbine percs, but, more importantly, comes with a glycerine coil on top that you can place in the freezer for an extra cool hit.

A Twist on a Basic Spoon

If your bong isn’t travel sized, it’s pretty hard to have an outdoor adventure. Few glass pipes are as portable as a spoon pipe. However, The Grav Labs Helix Classic is a great hybrid, it’s a spoon that functions more like a bong. The Helix line of pipes from Grav Labs inserts three small holes in the main chambers of the pipe, that allows a small amount of air to enter the chamber. The air enters the chamber and mixes your smoke with fresh air, creating a smoke vortex as you inhale and smoothes your hit for a far more pleasurable outdoor smoking experience.

The Pocket Water Pipe

If you’re an outdoorsman and still want water filtration, a small bubbler like the PURR Pocket Sherlock Bubbler is the way to go. It’s only slightly larger than the average spoon pipe, but, the PURR Pocket Sherlock Bubbler remains small enough to still be considered a portable piece. You can throw it in your bag with a small bottle of water and you will have both water filtration and some fluids to rehydrate. This little piece is truly one of the best glass pipes available for the Summer.

Gravity Bong

You’ve likely heard or have even hit a gravity bong before, the simple design draws both the smoke into the chamber for you and helps force the smoke into your lungs for an extra large, potent hit. Gone are the days of improvised two-liter bottles of soda. These days, the Grav Labs Gravitron Bong is certainly the best experience one could hope for.

The Concentrate Rig

Concentrates are all the rage and what’s a summer without some wax? Concentrates, unlike flowers, benefit greatly from being small. The Grav Labs Fixed Umbrella Flare Rig is, as its name suggests, only six inches tall and is lightly percolated. The small size and light percolation are great for preserving the taste of your concentrates. It also comes with all the benefits of being rather portable compared to a traditional bong. Summer seshes at your friend’s house no longer need to be a glass-free experience. A six-inch rig will fit easily in most bags, just make sure your buddy has a torch for your nail!