The Best Grav Labs Pieces for 420

Best Grav Labs Pieces to Gear Up for 420

Since 2004, Grav Labs has been changing the game in the smoking industry. They bring smokers innovative scientific glass that is functional, durable and aesthetically beautiful. Grav provides American-made glass right out of Austin, Texas and has prospered from their commitment to creating new and unique trends. Grav Labs have even coined the term “gravitude” for humbly recognizing their limitations while progressing from their success.

Grav Labs went on to produce other product lines like Helix, Upline, Stax, and more. They offer an extensive selection of quality products such as dab rigs, bubblers, water pipes, hand pipes, and other accessories.

As our favorite day 4/20 approaches, we want you to help you outfit your collection with some of the best Grav Labs pieces. Here are some Grav Labs pipes that we highly recommend that are certain to elevate your 4/20 in 2017.

Grav Labs Water Pipes

Honeycomb Disc Percolator Bong

This beautifully designed glass water pipe is one of the most popular bongs that Grav Labs has to offer. The percolator is its claim to fame. The water is placed about a half inch from the perc which gives a clean, smooth hit. You can even throw a couple of ice cubes in the chamber to make the smoke cool and smooth. They come in a variety of stylish colors and sizes.

Beaker Water Pipe

Recently redesigned to feature a wider base and sleeker look, this water pipe gives you incredibly smooth and icy hits. It’s designed to have very thick glass and a proportionate base for sturdiness and functionality. It features a splash guard that reduces unwanted splashing, and its sturdiness is perfect for tabletop use.


The Gravitron helped make history in the smoking industry as it was Grav Labs’ first product ever released. This single piece helped them acquire their prestigious position in the industry. It is an affordable classic that traps flavor in its chamber, so your smoking experience is smooth and flavorful. This timeless pipe is a favorite among both experienced and new smokers alike.

Grav Labs Dab Rigs

Umbrella Flare Rig

The umbrella perc rig is an easy-to-use, durable, and versatile rig. It is designed with an umbrella perc which also features a broad base for desktop use. The bent neck flute is meant to provide better access when smoking. With its bowl attachment, it can be easily converted into a regular water pipe. It also includes a quartz cut dome and nail attachment.

Grav Labs Glass Hand Pipes

Helix Classic

Among the most popular glass hand pipes in the industry, the helix classic is a must-have for smokers on the go. This pipe has a venturi shape that causes their air to swirl in a helix motion making your smoking experience smooth and fun. It’s made from durable glass and comes in an assortment of colors.

Grav Labs Bubblers

Helix Basic Bubbler

One of the most popular bubblers on the market, this piece is a combination of Grav Labs’ Basic Bubbler and the Helix Classic. The classic uses water infiltration while the Helix uses its unique venturi shape and tungsten air intakes to create a swirling motion for smoother and more enjoyable hits. With this piece, you can get the most out of both a glass water pipe and hand pipe.

Upright Bubbler With Showerhead Downstem

Coined as the Upright Bubbler, this piece has a flared foot meant for perfect tabletop use. It is one of Grav Labs’ larger bubblers with 50mm thick wall tubing, a 14mm bowl, and stands 9 inches in height. It features a showerhead downstem that filters and maintains excellent flavor. This is one of the smoothest tasting bubblers available.

Grav Labs Ash Catchers

Phoenix Ash Catcher

This durable ash catcher is a must-have if you enjoy smoking your water pipes with ice. It has a built-in perc that’s specifically meant for use with ice as well as a detachable lid for easy cleaning. It keeps your precious rig in pristine condition so it can last. These ash catchers come in 45, and 90 degree angles with 14 and 19 mm glass joints.