Best Herb Grinders 2018

Best Herb Grinders – 2018

Grinders are historically known for being one of a stoner’s best friends. Not only do grinders provide a mess-free way of preparing your herb for consumption, but they also serve as storage containers for when you’re in-between seshes. That being said, with so many different brands of grinders on the market it can be difficult to figure out which grinder is right for you. That’s why we decided to put together a guide of our top five grinders available as of 2018.


Santa Cruz Shredder




A purple grinder by Santa Cruz.

We’re starting off our list with a well-known classic. Santa Cruz Shredder is an American-made grinder made with the highest quality aluminum, and has been operating since 2011. Santa Cruz Shredder has made a reputation for its scratch resistance, durable screens, and easy-grip features, and continues to be a standard within the industry. Furthermore, Santa Cruz Shredder is the only company that utilizes ultrasonic cleansing producers to ensure all their grinders are contaminant-free.
PROS: Durability, Lifetime Warranty, Various Color Choices
CONS: Somewhat Expensive


Space Case – Scout Grinder (Large)




A grinder by Scout Grinder

Our second pick for this list is the Scout Grinder by Space Case. Much like Santa Cruz Shredder, Space Case has established themselves as one of the top brands in the market. This particular grinder caught our attention because of its useful storage potential. With all the extra storage space that the Scout features, its likely you won’t need a separate container to store all your herb once you’ve finely ground it. This grinder is perfect for preparing lots of herb and being able to bring it with it on-the-go, it never hurts to be prepared!
PROS: Durability, Extra Storage Space
CONS: Small Top Chamber


Kannastör – 2.2”Clear Top 2 Piece Grinder




A grinder by Kannastor.

Next up on our list is this 2 piece grinder by Kannastör! Kannastör is a lesser known brand, but they still are unmatched in terms of quality. This particular grinder made it on our list due to its travel-potential. The 2 piece design makes it easy to bring on-the-go, meanwhile the clear top provides the user with a clear view of the herbs while they’re being ground up. Not only do the size and cost make the Kannastör a perfect travel grinder, but the lifetime warranty ensures that you never have to worry about anything happening to it during your adventures.
PROS: Portability, Durability, Clear Top, Affordable, Lifetime Warranty
CONS: Size, Only 2 Chambers


Herby’s Twist – Grindarolla




A grinder by Herby Twist.

This brings us to the Grindarolla by Herby’s Twist, by far the most unique grinder on the list. The Grindarolla is an ingenious product that combines a grinder, storage jar, and a rolling machine. Not only does the Grindarolla allow you to grind and store your herb, but it gives you the option to insert rolling-paper cones and immediately roll up your herb without any additional work! The Grindarolla offers a unique value by combining various tools and processes into one convenient all-in-one product. The latest and greatest innovation in grinder technology!
PROS: Convenience, Multipurpose, Colorful Design, Affordable
CONS: Durability


Herby’s Twist – Grindaballs




A grinder shaped like a ball by Herby Twist.

Last but not least, we have Grindaballs. The Grindaballs are another product by Herby’s Twist, and come in a variety of different colors and styles. While the Grindaballs aren’t necessarily the fanciest grinder on the list, they still provide a lot of value- especially for the stoner on a budget. Not only are the Grindaballs affordable, but they are great for traveling and make wonderful gifts. If you have a friend who needs a grinder but is too frugal to make the investment, the Grindaball is the grinder for them!
PROS: Affordable, Variety of Styles, Interestingly Shaped, Portable
CONS: Durability