best community smoking devices

Best Products for Community Smoking

Best Products for Community Smoking

Though some people enjoy smoking alone from time to time, having some company can enhance the experience. So, call up your friends and have everyone gather around for a community smoke session. There is a multitude of smoking devices you can use to make your community smoking experience more enjoyable. Here is a list of our favorites.

• Hand-Rolled Consumables
• Fruit/Vegetable Bongs
• Bongs
• Bubblers/Water Pipes
• Desktop Vaporizer
• Portable Vaporizer

Hand-Rolled Consumables

Hand-rolled consumables are the easiest to pass around and share. Hand rolling is one of the oldest methods of smoking which was used long before any other medium. By crafting the consumable with everyone present, each member can contribute their share, and the appropriate amount of rolled products are produced. This is a clean way of smoking as all rolling papers are made from natural products and burn clean and smooth. Also, you can always roll another to enjoy if you find you are craving more.

Fruit/Vegetable Bongs

Crafting a smoking device from fruits/vegetables is another great way to smoke with a group. All who are partaking can contribute in crafting the device while also getting to enjoy the result. It’s a creative way to bring everyone together to smoke. Corn husks can be used to craft hand-rolled consumables or check out our blog about making fruit/vegetable smoking devices. These smoking devices change with the season, so you always have some variety.


Passing around a bong can be dangerous but is also a very effective way to smoke with a group of friends. Each user can take a sizeable and smooth hit and then pass the bong to the next participant. This method is most useful with larger crowds as bowls tend to be larger on bigger bongs. Attachments can be used so that different effects and bowl sizes can be implemented. Smoking a bong in a group should almost always happen indoors with a safe and secure surface for your glass.

Bubblers/Water Pipes

If you have a smaller crowd, a bubbler or water pipe can be the perfect device. These glass pipes have a small bowl, so a larger group is not ideal. Cooling each hit through water ensures that every member enjoys a smooth and cool toke consistently. Bubblers/water pipes are smaller and are easier to pass around a group. Some of these products are portable enough to enjoy outdoors or at any location/venue.

Desktop Vaporizers

A desktop vaporizer allows the users to generate a lot of vapor in a controlled fashion. The desktop vape uses a whip and a wand so that each member can sit close enough without having to pass the vaporizer. These often use a digital display and allow the consumers to control the vaporizer specifications for the most enjoyment. Adding substance to vaporize is simplistic and allows everyone to contribute and participate.

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are meant for smaller circles and can be discrete and effective. Most of these portable vapes are meant for single-person use, however passing one back and forth is not uncommon. This allows you to control how much you vaporize without needing to invest in heavy duty hardware. These are commonly used in public as they are very discreet.