bongs vs bubblers

Water Pipes: Bongs vs Bubblers

Water Pipes: Bongs vs Bubblers

When choosing a water pipe, it’s important to know the distinctions between bongs vs bubblers. Although they both filter your smoke through water, the subtle differences are what set the two apart.

Glass Bubblers:

Bubblers tend to be more similar to a pipe than a bong, and they are usually designed with a smaller bowl, mouthpiece and occasionally feature a carb. The smaller size of the pipe means that it’s easily portable and stored. Bubblers sport a unique design glass blowers often get very creative in their design. Bubblers can give your glass collection an injection of beautiful aesthetics and functionality.

Benefits of Bubblers:

Durable: Bubblers tend to be more durable than bongs as they are made of thicker glass.

Stealthy: If discreteness is what you are looking for a bubbler is a better choice than a bong. They can be stowed away easily because of their smaller build. Bubblers also hit more quietly than bongs, making it easier to hide up the sound.

Better Taste: Bubblers produce a better tasting smoke than dry pipes, as the smoke is filtered through water before it reaches your lips.

Ideal for Intermediate Smokers: If you’re looking for something that is a step up from dry pipes, but not quite as big as a bong, a bubbler is a great middle ground piece. The smoke they produce is stronger and smoother than a dry pipe, but still not as strong as a bong hit.

Can be Used as a Dry Pipe: A bubbler can still easily function as a dry pipe if there is no water available or if you’re on the go. Simply empty the water from the basin, pack the bowl, and smoke!

No Extra Pieces: Unlike a bong, a bubbler doesn’t require any extra pieces, like a downstem or bowl.

Drawbacks of Bubblers:

Cleaning: A bubbler will get dirty faster than a bong and needs the water changed more often, so be prepared to clean your piece more frequently.

Harder to Clean: The lack of removable parts also means that a bubbler is more difficult to clean. Special care will be required to clean the smaller parts of your bubbler.

More Reloading: A bubbler will typically come with a smaller bowl than a bong, limiting the amount of flower you can smoke in one sitting. This makes it more difficult to smoke with a larger group.

Not Customizable: Once again, the lack of removable parts may present a drawback. With bongs, special bowls and downstems can be purchased to create the look and type of filtration that you desire. Bubblers often lack this level of customization.


A step up from bubblers in terms of size and hit power, bongs can be complex and offer a more powerful smoke. This is due to the extra filtration from percolators and diffusers that are often found in water bongs. Percolators are available in many varieties and they all work to cool and filter smoke and create a smoother hit. While the objective of a bubbler is quick and easy filtration, many bongs are built to create the smoothest, coolest hit possible.

Benefits of Smoking Out Of Bongs:

Stronger Hits: The size of most bongs, and the methods used to cool the smoke, allow the user to take a bigger hit than with a dry pipe or bubbler.

Easier to Clean: The removable pieces in a bong allow for easier and more thorough cleaning.

More Variety: Not only do water bongs come with a variety of functions, they are often customizable. You can always find a bong that matches your personal style.

Smoke Longer: The bowls in water pipes are generally larger than in dry pipes and bubblers. This makes bongs ideal for smoking in larger groups, as you can add as much flower as needed.

Drawbacks of Using a Bong:

Not For The Clumsy Smoker: Bongs have a larger surface area than bubblers that is often made of thinner glass. If dropped, a bong is more likely to break than a bubbler.

Difficult to Store: These pipes are less stealthy than bubblers. Their larger size makes it harder to find places to store or hide them.

Replacement Pieces: The removable downstems and bowls may be made of delicate glass. You might find yourself buying replacement pieces often if you’re prone to breaking things.

Louder Hits: Unlike a dry pipe or bubbler, a bong will bubble loudly when smoked, making it a less stealthy method of smoking.