Cheap Smoking Accessories

Cheap Smoking Accessories for College Students

For college students, expenses are always piling up from books, classes, food and partying. The last thing you need is your favorite pastime to break the bank as well. So, your friends at Kannakart have decided to compile a list of cheap smoking accessories just for college students. Enjoy!

The Grindarolla

The  Grindarolla is innovative by design. Not only does it act as a grinder, but it also functions as a roller. In the time it takes most people to roll one paper, the Grindarolla can roll up to six, cutting the hassle down considerably. It’s perfect for communal smoking or smoking all by yourself. Either way, the Grindarolla gets the job done. It’s best used with RAW cones.  

RYOT Multi Utility Tool

If there were an Inspector Gadget of smoking accessories, the RYOT Muti Utility Tool would be it. With a variety of capabilities ranging from grinding flower to opening a bottle of beer, the Multi Utility Tool does it all.  It has functions for every type of user, a tamper for rolling and a concentrate fork for dabbers. Also, it’s compact enough to fit in your pocket.

Mile High Cleaner

Keeping your glass products clean should always be a top priority. Mile High Cleaner is a 100% all-natural and organic glass cleaner. It comes with resin remover and a brush kit that can clean any pipe.

Mile High Mini Pipe

One hitters are the perfect on the go hand pipes. You can smoke and go through your day without a hitch. The Mile High Mini Pipe is sleek and attractive by design.  A packed bowl in the mini pipe gives you 3-4 hits.  

Gravitron Stash Jar

To ensure that any unwanted odor isn’t leaving your area, you might want to invest in a stash jar. The Gravitron Stash Jar makes sure any odor that is within the jar, stay in the jar. It holds up to eight ounces and comes with a rubber seal, keeping stuff inside the jar completely fresh.

Kannastor Pendant

Being discreet and mobile is essential for any college smoker, and the Kannastor Pendant allows for both. It’s a small 1.25” grinder that you can wear as a pendant, and it’s equipped with a ball chain necklace. It’s built with a magnetic closure ensuring that no spills happen while you’re on-the-go. The Kannastor Pendant is one of the most portable grinders around.

710 Parchment Papers

Dabbing has gained popularity in recent years, especially with millennials. Storing and carrying concentrates can be tricky. Silicone parchment papers are proven to be one of the most effective methods of transporting concentrates. 710 papers are vegan-friendly, chlorine free, GMO-free, and Quilon-free (an environmentally harmful material that other parchment papers use).

Grav Labs Sandblasted Spoon

Spoons, or bowls, are a staple product in the smoking industry. Every college smoker should have at least one in their collection, and it should be as smooth as the Sandblasted spoon.

A college is a place of “higher” learning. All these products are capable of enhancing the experience and lifestyle of the everyday college smoker.