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How to Craft a Pineapple Bong

How to Craft Your Very Own Pineapple Bong

Fruits and vegetables come and go at different times during the year and we try to enjoy them while we can. Aside from eating them, there are a few more creative ways to enjoy our seasonal favorites. As the weather heats up and summer begins, three crops bloom that are perfect for making natural smoking devices: corn, watermelon, and pineapples. The green husk of corn can be a completely organic replacement for your favorite rolling paper at a fraction of the cost. They are easy to trim and can be found in most grocery stores while in-season. Watermelons and Pineapples aren’t as straightforward, however. We’ll explain how to turn a pineapple into a pineapple bong, and you will have a better understanding of how to smoke from a watermelon.

Always make sure you are using healthy produce that is free of any bumps, bruises or bugs. As we are going for the “au natural” approach, we must put good in to get good out. First, take your pineapple and rest it on its side. We are going to make the bottom of the pineapple the mouthpiece and create a downstem-like area on its side. Make one slice cutting off the bottom of the pineapple so the fruit is exposed on the very bottom. From this line you just cut, you are going to make a square mouthpiece that protrudes about 1” in the middle of the pineapple so you aren’t squishing your entire face onto the fruit as you use it. Before we make a mouthpiece, we need to create airflow.

Take your screwdriver and drive it into the fruit from the bottom. You want to go about 3-4 inches deep to about the middle of your pineapple, depending on the size of your fruit. With the pineapple on its side, drive the screwdriver into the fruit so that it pushes through into your first hole. This creates airflow in the shape of an “L” through the fruit and allows you to pull from the mouthpiece we are going to craft in the next step.

With the bottom side facing upwards, make four 1 inch cuts into the fruit and then crop the outside carefully. The result should be a not-so-perfectly square mouthpiece that protrudes about 1”. At this point, you need to adjust the hole you made on the side of the pineapple to accommodate whatever tools you may be using. As the pineapple is juicy and soft, you can simply insert your screwdriver into the desired hole and gently rotate it while pushing outward. Do be careful not to make the hole to wide, or else you’ll need a new pineapple.

It is good to note that this technique can be used when making a smoking device out of any fruits/vegetables. Your device functions like a bong except your smoke is mediated/filtered through a juicy pineapple bong, as opposed to water.