what are bubblers

Glass Bubblers: A Great Compromise Between a Dry Pipe and a Water Pipe

Glass Bubblers

You’ve decided you want a new pipe with water filtration, but you don’t have the room for a bong. What to do? Never fear, the bubbler pipe is here!

A bubbler is a glass pipe that uses water filtration for your smoke but is quite a bit smaller than your typical bong water pipe. In appearance, glass bubblers often look much more like a sherlock or hammer dry pipe than a glass bong, but, functionally, they’re more akin to the bong water pipe. Unlike a bong, a bubbler does not have a slide that you can remove to allow fresh air into the pipe to clear your smoke. Glass bubblers instead rely on a hole called a carb, that allows fresh air into the pipe, the same way one would clear their smoke from a typical dry pipe. There’s no need to worry about losing or breaking a downstem or bowl pack, and you can hold a bubbler with just one hand.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what a bubbler is let’s turn to the myriad of bubblers available to the modern connoisseur.

Let’s begin with a very basic bubbler, like the PURR Pocket Hammer Bubbler or the PURR Full Sherlock Bubbler

Another popular method of adding filtration is to add an additional chamber and percolator. The PURR Double Bubbler and Slim Double Bubbler are fantastic examples of a multiple chamber bubbler. These bubblers retain the basic bowl to downstem to water smoke path of a bubbler, but add an additional chamber and downstem for the smoke to travel through. The added chamber increases your smoke to water contact ratio giving extra filtration and cooling.

Another fine example of the inventiveness of glass blowers can be found in the Grav Labs Helix Basic Bubbler. The Helix uses the same single downstem design as the previously mentioned PURR piece but includes a Helix chamber where the neck and mouthpiece of the bubbler would normally be. The Helix chamber is designed with a cone-like shape with three small holes around the outside which draw air into the chamber as you inhale. This bit of additional air gives your smoke added cooling and filtration that likens the experience to vaping your flower instead of combusting it. As a nice little bonus, the holes create a neat turbine effect, making the smoke inside the chamber appear as if there was a tiny tornado inside your pipe.

One last great thing about glass bubblers is that they’re generally less expensive than their big brother the bong and are an excellent way to add a filtration pipe to your collection without breaking the bank!