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Grav Stax Modular Kits and Builds

Grav Stax Modular Kits and Builds – Kannakart

Grav Labs is a glass company based out of Austin, TX that has been making quality glass pipes since 2004 when they launched their flagship piece, The GRAVITRON. Today we will be looking at <ahref=””>Grav STAX, a line of modular bong kits from Grav Labs. After four years of R&D, the line was complete and ready for release. These products can be purchased two ways: pre-made kits or custom builds. Each kit comes with three pieces: a base, a filter/percolator, and a mouthpiece. Each section was designed with weight distribution in mind for stacking and airflow dynamics/water fluctuation for increased effect. In addition to being a modular bong, the Grav STAX line also offers an attachment that turns a STAX piece into an upright bubbler.

Although the kits are convenient and easy to build, the modular builds allow for customization. If you want to change your percolator but not at the cost of your beaker base, you’re able to do so. By offering several options for each of the three pieces, you have the freedom to customize without the need for an extensive knowledge of glass. You can shop around the different Grav STAX parts without the fear of buying something incompatible with your piece. Take your pick of any bowl you like, just as long as it fits into your downstem.

Stax Bases

Starting from the bottom upwards, Grav STAX offers four distinct bases to choose from: a flare foot base, beaker base, disc base and turbine base. Two additional bases with more complex percs are also available. First, a dual-action inline base with a bowl and nail downstem for different substances. Second, a flared base with a shower head coil perc for increased filtration.

Stax Percs

There areFour percolator/filter options in the STAX line: an 8-arm tree perc, a circular perc, a halo filter and a coil perc made from glass or glycerin. The tree perc routes your hit through an eight arm tree perc with two diffuser slits per arm offering the most diffusion possible (16 total diffusers!). A glycerin coil can be chilled to a much cooler temperature and hold that freeze longer, cooling every puff you take.

Stax Mouthpieces

Grav STAX offers three mouthpieces: a standard mouthpiece, a Helix mouthpiece which has increased airflow for smoother hits, and a trumpet mouthpiece that flares outward at one end. In addition to mouthpieces, STAX offers two accessories for the top of the modular bongs: the 45-degree angle mouthpiece and the 6” extension. The 45-degree angle mouthpiece is a basic mouthpiece for the upper part of any STAX kit. The extension is found commonly in kits where sufficient percolation happens in the base/elsewhere.

One of the coolest parts of the entire Grav STAX line is the Bubbler Conversion. This kit switches the mouthpiece and downstem of the beaker bong and turns in into an upright bubbler. Using a STAX grade downstem and bowl, the bong changes into a smaller and more personal glass piece. This feature is very attractive as it allows you to have two separate yet functional pieces. The bubbler is suitable for personal use, whereas if you are expecting visitors you can always convert your glass back to its towering bong style.