How to Vape

How to Vape

Since the early 1900s, vaping has continued to rise in a world ruled by technology. While the first modern e-cig was released back in 2003 by Hon Lik, vaping really burst onto the pop culture scene until 2015. Some see vaping as a healthy alternative to cigarettes. Others could argue vaping comes with just about the same problems. Over time, vaping has changed from the ordinary pen to box mods with different features. A lot of things go into choosing the right vape tool for when you start. How do you vape? What kind of liquid do you use? How do I fill my tank? How much do I spend on an e-cig? Are there any tools I need to replace? All these questions and more can be answered below.

Costs of Vaping

One of the first questions you come across when you decide to vape, what kind of E-cig should I get? Although, there are many brands out there each with their own special take on E-cigs. Just like smoking cigarettes, you have to find one that best suits your needs. You can either go for the cig-a-like, which are the closest to the feel of a regular cigarette you can get, or you can go for the popular costly vaporizer, which is mainly used for alternatives uses. Try and see what works better for you. After picking out your E-cig next, you move on to prices. How much do I pay in total?

Vape Prices

Prices vary between the different models. E-cigs tend to run a lot more than your traditional pack of squares. In the long run, you are spending a lot less than regular cigarettes. For a first timer starting out, a basic kit will run between $15 to $100. As you learn and become better at vaping, you can move into more advanced models. Better models run between $150 to $300, more than worth it. You have brought all the right tools and liquid to begin your vaping journey. Now you just need to pick out an e-liquid.

Picking Your E-Liquid

Now the fun part comes, picking out your e-liquid. One of the best experiences that come with vaping is picking out your own e-liquid. that would suit you. You can tailor your vaping to fit your smoking needs. People who smoked heavily, like a pack a day, would be looking for an E-liquid strength along the lines of 48 msg. Some who wants to try vaping for the first time would be looking at something entirely low, say 1 msg. There is no set vaping strength for anybody, so don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Filling Your Vape Tank

Filling your tank is something not everyone knows how to do. Although you can get disposable E-cigs, you should at least try learning how to fill your tank up and save money. Before and after using your E-cig, don’t forget to clean the tank before using it again. It’s not a bad idea to keep replacement tanks on hand in case something happens. Try to keep the e-liquid from the center of the tank as not to damage the tank. Allow for the e-liquid to soak in the coil for a few minutes before using.

Types of Vaping Methods

You have prepared and are now ready to finally vape. There are actually two types of inhaling. Mouth to lung tends to be the most favorite among vapers. This method requires the same method used for a traditional cigarette. The 2 step method allows for the vape to pass through the mouth which it is then inhaled in the lungs. The other method, direct lung method, is done in only one step. Direct lung method is the same method used for a bong. For the direct lung method, vapes are inhaled directly through the lung.

Cleaning Your Vaporizer

After each use, it’s really important to clean your E-cig. If possible, take apart as so to get a deeper clean within the E-cig. With all the safety and warning signs that come with cigarettes, there are none that come with E-cigs. Not much is known about the short or long term effects that come with vaping. Although vaping doesn’t contain the same ingredients known to cause cancer like in cigarettes, vaping has been the safe alternative for smokers.

Spare Vape Batteries

There is nothing worse than being out and your E-cig or mod dies. Batteries are perhaps the best and worst thing about vaping. Depending on which kind of vaping device you have, you will need to carry a back battery or charger. Waiting for your E-cig to charge may seem like a forever task. Always remember to carry more than one battery pack while out just in case.

Curiosity and Warning

Since vaping is still fairly new to the world, it will bring a lot of unwanted attention. Although many places allow vaping inside of their establishment, many vapers are frown upon by others. Seeing vapor in the air while drinking or sitting somewhere is not really that pleasant while trying to enjoy the day. Humans will be humans, not really much you can do but try to be respectful to others.

Vaporizer Parts

With all the parts that go into making a vaping device, it would be wise to know what parts are called in the case something needs to be replaced. The tube/box which holds the battery is the main part of the device. The tube can be modded different ways. The next main part comes in the form of the tank system (clearomizer). The clearomizer is a small tube used to hold the e-liquid or wax. The clearomizer also holds the coil head. At the very top of the vaping device holds a drip tip. The drip tip used to protect your lips from the hot clearomizer.

Health Effects From Vaping

Vaping can be a very healthy alternative to cigarettes. With all the proper know-how, vaping is something that is a great thing. As better models and new improvements come into the world, it’s always nice to take time to review all the helpful knowledge at our disposal. Now that you know the proper tools and how to vape correctly, go out and live a happy vape-life.