Luxury Instagram Dabber Accessories

As herb continually becomes legalized across the country, it has also become normalized in today’s culture. As a result, there has been an influx of savvy, entrepreneurial minds that have taken to the internet to combine their talents and ideas to bring new, creative brands to the scene. The niche demographic of “dabbers” has now become a mainstream community, and those entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to supply this community with their own lines of luxury goods and accessories. These items are a reflection of how the “dabber” community has grown, and how mainstream ideas such as fashion, designer branding, and luxury goods have immersed themselves into what used to be considered a degenerate, underground culture.


     @PeliSkins – Customized Pelican Case

The first item on our list is the designer, custom Pelican Case wraps done by @PeliSkins. Pelican Cases are known within the scene as the standard case for protecting your glass rig when traveling and in-between seshes. The cases have had a long reputation for being used as heavy-duty cases for firearms, as well as video and audio equipment. PeliSkins was able to create a brand for himself by taking these relatively bland cases and customizing them with a variety of materials, including leather, designer fabrics, and alligator skin. Not only was he able to capitalize on a niche market, but he was able to create his own luxury brand from customizing these cases. In order to purchase on you must contact him directly, since he does not sell them publicly online



@Etai.LA – Designer Lighter Case

The next item on our list is the designer lighter wraps by, also known as Etai Drori. Etai has one of the most interesting brands on this list, due to how quickly he has gotten recognition and acquired a following for himself. His clients include celebrities and musical artists such as J Balvin, Fredo Santana, Lil Uzi Vert, and Takeoff (Migos). He has the largest following of all the brands on this list, currently standing at almost 100 thousand followers on Instagram. What Etai has acquired such a following for doing is by making his own line of designer lighter cases (and other custom goods) using actual fabrics from brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Goyard. Not only has he gained notoriety by getting his purchasing account banned by Goyard, but he also regularly posts clips of himself dismantling and cutting up vintage designer bags on his feed, teasing projects he is in the midst of. His lighter cases can range anywhere from $200-500 or more, depending on the material he uses. Similar to PeliSkins, Etai does not publically release his lighter cases for sale, you must contact him whenever he posts a “drop” of them available.

@HoverGlass – Convection Carb Cap

Next we have the Hover Cap by the glass artist @HoverGlass on Instagram. Hover has distinguished himself by making what has become known as one of the most desirable carb caps on the market. Hover gained a large amount of attention when the “directional carb cap” trend first began, and gained a respectable reputation for the quality and functional value of his caps. The style and shaping that Hover became known for has since been duplicated by countless artists and production glassmakers since then, which demonstrates how much of an impact his design had on the market. Hover sells his caps to various glass shops across the country, but you can also try to get on online in one of his online store drops. The clear version of his “convection caps” retail for around $300, but can go for more depending on whether it is a colored version or a collaboration.


@Aquarist – Silver/Brass Opal Skull Dabbers

One of my personal favorites on the list are these skull dabbers made by Takehisa Okumura, also known as @Aquarist on Instagram. Aquarist is a top-tier Japanese glassblower that is known for making all sorts of skull-themed pieces, including pendants and rigs. Recently though, he has gotten a lot of attention for this line of dabbers he has been releasing. The dabbers feature a magnetic backing and a synthetic opal, and are a gorgeous combination of a functional accessory with a luxury piece of jewelry. You must contact his wife @Aquarist_Lee for purchasing inquires, but you are able to choose between silver or brass, and you also are able to choose what color opal you would like. The brass versions retail for $250, and the silver versions go for $450.



@LibbyGoines – Handwoven Medicine Pouches

Another personal favorite of mine are these handwoven medicine Pouches by @LibbyGoines. Libby Goines is actually the mother of an extremely well-known glassblower by the name of Eusheen Goines, @Eusheen on Instagram. Libby had actually been practicing loom working and weaving as a hobby for many years, but it wasn’t until her son, Eusheen, motivated her to start making her designs public that she decided to create a brand for herself. Libby creates a wide variety of vibrant designs which she weaves into pouches, wallets, backpacks, and other handmade creations. She occasionally releases pouches directly through her Instagram, but you can also find her work on sale at several glass galleries across the country. Her pouches sell anywhere from $100-400, and her backpacks and larger one-of-a-kind creations can retail for several thousand.



@Toro_Glass – TerpSlurper Quartz Nail

The last item on the list is the Terp Slurper Quartz Nail by Toro Glass. Toro has always been a household name among smokers, and their production rigs are still popular to this day. However recently, Toro has been getting more attention for their quartz nails than their actual rigs. These nails have become especially popular amongst the Instagram Dabber community, due to their aesthetic functional value. What makes the Terp Slurper unique is that it has that dish at the bottom of the nail, with slits in the sides of the tubing. This creates a visual effect when used, causing the concentrate to percolate and “slurp” back up the nail. Although some people claim that this effect enhances the quality of the dabbing experience, there isn’t any definitive proof to back up the claims. Either way, the Terp Slurper has become one of the most popular luxury nails on the market, and are a favorite amongst the Instagram community. Unlike other nails, you will most likely not find one of these in a glass gallery. Toro, up to this point, has mainly been making these nails in small batches and selling them directly to consumers through his website. If you are interested in purchasing one, they retail for $350 or more depending on the size.