Located in Aurora, Colorado, MediBubbler offers some of the best water pipes and bubblers in the industry. Their products are known for their unique bubble-like shape, which they say it’s an omen for good fortune. MediBubbler has crafted all their pipes in a way that lets you get the most out of your smoking experience.

Each water pipe has a water filter so you can inhale clean and smooth smoke. Its removable mouthpieces make it easy to clean and share with others. The glass slide is also removable when you want extra ventilation, although it can be used without removing it. Located on the glass slide, there is an inline percolator with seven holes. This feature allows your airflow to be maximized by lowering the pressure needed to produce water bubbles, so your smoking experience is as smooth as can be. The slide also makes cleaning much easier. Products come with a carb located in the back so you can receive as much ventilation as needed. Due to its location, it does not matter if you’re right or left-handed.