Nugtools manufactures the Nuggy, the ultimate swiss army knife for smokers. Their mission is to make the smoking experience safer, more convenient, and enjoyable for all. Nugtools saw the need for a unified device that carries all of the tools you need for a proper smoke sesh. The Nuggy Smoke Gadget contains 10 different tools that lock into place when fully closed making it easy to use and safe. This includes a knife, scissors, LED flashlight, screwdriver, bottle opener, mini spoon, metal pick, roach clip, flat-ended tamper, and sharp scraper. Each of these accessories can come in handy and eliminate the hassle of searching for tools in different places. In addition, it only weighs a half a pound so it fits comfortably in your pocket. At the moment, Nugtools just manufactures the Nuggy, but be on the lookout for innovative new products soon.