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Glass water pipes, commonly known as bongs, are one of the most popular styles of smoking pipes. Water pipes get their name because they use water to cool down the smoke, which can sometimes cause a burning sensation when it is hot. The process by which the water cools the smoke is called diffusion. Diffusion makes the inhalation of smoke feel smoother compared to traditional pipes that do not use water. A standard bong features a mouthpiece at the top, a stem on the side, and the chamber at the bottom that holds the water. The bowl sits on top of the stem. The bowl is where you pack your herb. As you draw in smoke from the mouthpiece, air flows from the stem, bubbles under the water, and the smoke rises to the top. By passing through the water, the smoke is filtered and cooled, which is why the term “smooth” is often used when describing smoke from water pipes.

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