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Dab rigs are pipes that are used specifically for waxes and concentrates. The concentrates are heated and produce a vapor, which is then inhaled. They are usually smaller than traditional water pipes and are similar in size to bubblers. To send enough of the vapor to your lungs, the main chambers of the pipes must be compressed enough to bounce against the walls. Most dab rigs are smaller, but there are a few exceptions with even more specialized chambers to compensate for their larger size.

With dab rigs, you will need a torch or e-nail, a dab tool, and a nail. A torch or e-nail heats the concentrate, and a nail is where the concentrate is heated and vaporized. A dab tool is used to pick up the concentrate and place it on the nail. If you’re still confused or don’t know quite what to look for in a Dab Rig, check out our buyer’s guide here for more information.

We offer dab rigs in many different styles and designs, including rigs with honeycomb, turbine, and tree percolators, which are simply additional filtration methods to achieve a smoother hit. Let us know here if you need help choosing a dab rig for your collection. We’d love to help you choose your new favorite piece.  We carry everything from cheap dab rigs to heady glass style rigs if you’re looking to up your dab game.

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