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If you’re serious about your dab game, take a look at our selection of dab nails, carb caps, torches, dabbers, and other accessories to pimp out your new dab rig. Kannakart offers a wide range of dab tools and accessories that are essential for optimizing your dabbing experience. Each dabbing accessory we have features top quality and functionality.

When purchasing a banger nail, you should first determine the size and gender of the glass joint on your water pipe. For example, if you have a 10mm male joint on your pipe, you’ll need a 10mm female banger nail. Banger nails are a perfect substitute for a dome and nail. You just have to use a dab torch the heat up the bottom of the banger, then place your concentrates in the trench.

When purchasing a nail, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost is the material of the nail. There are titanium nails, quartz nails, and ceramic nails. If you’re worried that you’ll break your nail, a durable titanium nail is the best bet for you. Ceramic nails take a while to heat up, but they produce the best flavor of smoke.

If you’re looking for dab accessories, titanium and quartz nails and carb caps, check outMystic Timber’s elegant, handcrafted dabbing tools. To make the most out of your dab experience, we recommend getting a nail and carb cap of the same material and a dabber for maximum efficiency.

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