Bongs and Glass Water Pipes

Glass water pipes, known as glass bongs or water bongs, are one of the most popular smoking accessories out there. Water pipes diffuse the water which makes the inhalation of smoke feel smoother compared to traditional pipes. A water pipe features a mouthpiece at the top, a stem on the side, and the chamber at the bottom. The bowl sits on top of the stem and is where you pack the herb. The mouthpiece is where you inhale to draw in the smoke. Air flows from the stem, bubbles under the water, and rises to the top. By passing through the water, the smoke is filtered and cooled, which is why the term “smooth” is often used when describing smoke from water pipes.

Straight Tubes and Beaker Bongs

These are two of the more traditional styles of bongs and water pipes. Beaker bongs tend to be bigger than straight tubes when it comes to volume. Unsurprisingly, the larger chamber of a beaker means that the beaker will hold more water, air, and smoke. More water in the chamber means more weight at the bottom, a lower center of gravity and a lower chance that the bong gets knocked over. Beaker bongs also allow you to fill the bong with more smoke before you inhale. If you prefer bigger bong hits, beakers are a good choice for you.

Bubblers and Recyclers

Bubblers are similar to water pipes and are often portable pieces. They’re flexible and versatile because you can add water or use them as dry pipes.

Recyclers are also a type of water pipe. When you enhale, water continuously moves throughout the recycler. This effect cools your smoke and creates a cool visual effect as the water flows through the piece. Recyclers usually use two chambers to circulate the water and cool down the smoke.

Features and Accessories

Water pipes will sometimes feature an ice pinch which are small indents on the tube of a water pipe that hold ice and cool down the smoke. If an ice pinch isn’t enough, some bongs will feature a perc that is meant to filter and cool smoke. Some popular types of percs are honeycomb percs, inline percs, showerhead percs, circ percs, turbine percs. A straight tube (diffused downstem) sits at the base of the bong and has slits. The diffused downstem will go under the water and allows the smoke to pass through the pipe.

Shop Bongs Online

We provide a range of different styles, all of which provide unique smoking experiences. We carry popular brands such as PURR, Grav Labs, Highly Innovative, Glowfly, and much more. We have glass pipes for beginners as well as seasoned smokers. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know here. We’d love to help you choose your next water pipe!

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