Glass Bubblers

Bubblers are glass pipes that use diffused water to make the inhalation of smoke feel smoother. They appear very similar to water pipes, but there are some key differences. A bubbler is usually much smaller than water pipes and glass bongs, so you can keep it at home or bring it with you on the go. Bubblers are more versatile because you can choose to smoke it with or without water. When using a bubbler with water, hits will be a little stronger than those from bongs due to its smaller size, but smoother compared to smoking a dry pipe. Also, like most glass hand pipes, its size enables artists to produce some beautiful and unique pieces.

At Kannakart, we offer glass bubblers in a variety of different shapes, styles, and colors. Some popular bubbler brands include Grav Labs and Purr Glass. If you’re always on the go and looking for a more portable bubbler, try the Pocket Sherlock Bubbler. If you’re looking for something with extra filtration, try the 9” Upright Bubbler w/ Tungsten Showerhead Downstem. If you need more information or help choosing a piece, please let us know here. We’d love to give you a hand choosing your new glass bubbler! We also carry a wide variety of dab rigs, bongs, hand pipes, and more.

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