Grav Labs Ashcatchers

Grav Labs offers innovative scientific glass that is functional, durable and aesthetically beautiful. Grav Labs Ashcatchers have proven to be some of the best available. Ashcatchers are accessories for your water pipe that prevent any unwanted residue from entering your pipe. Instead of spending extra time cleaning your pipe, ash catchers allow for added filtration so you can focus more on cleaning a much smaller piece rather than an entire glass pipe. Ashcatchers also allow for smoother hits since they produce even more bubbles are also a lot smoother since they provide even more diffusion.

When looking for a new ashcatcher, keep in mind its gender, angle, and size. If your pipe has a female joint, then you need to find an ash catcher with a male joint and vice versa. A male joint always fits inside the female joint. Angles are either 45 or 90 degrees. If you have a water pipe that has a 45-degree angle, you need an ash catcher with that same angle. Common sizes are 18mm, 14mm, and 10mm, and they refer to the circumference around the joint that fits into another joint. If your water pipe has a 14mm joint, you need to look for a 14mm joint.

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