Grav Labs Bongs & Water Pipes

Since 2004, Grav Labs has been changing the game in the smoking industry with their glass water pipes, bongs, and hand pipes. They provide smokers with innovative scientific glass that is functional, durable and aesthetically beautiful. Water pipes are a popular method of smoking because of their ability to make hits smoother and reduce the burning sensation when the smoke is inhaled. When inhaling, air flows from the stem of the bong, bubbles under the water, and rises to the top. The smoke naturally becomes cooler and smoother by passing through the water.

Grav Lab’s bongs and water pipes are all uniquely designed to give you the smoothest and most flavorful smoking experience because of the variety of percs that they use in their pieces. Many of their traditional glass bongs have an ice catch. An ice catch holds ice cubes in the stem of the bong which further cools any smoke passing through. Fun fact: The Gravitron Bong is the piece that started it all for Grav Labs and has contributed to the popularity of gravity bongs in recent years.

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