Grav Labs Hand Pipes

Grav Labs creates beautiful, American-made glass pieces and have prospered from their commitment to creating new and unique trends. They have even coined the term “gravitude” for humbly recognizing their limitations while progressing. Grav Labs hand pipes are some of the most iconic smoking devices in the industry for their portability and artistic designs. When smoking from a glass hand pipe, there are no additional, unwanted flavors so you can enjoy the most out of your smoking experience. Usually, the hand pipe will have a carb, which is a small hole on the side used to help more airflow into the chamber.

Grav Labs have produced quality hand pipes that are both functional and aesthetically beautiful. A classic Grav Labs’ piece is the Helix Classic. This pipe is one of the most innovative hand pipes in the smoking industry today. Its venturi shape allows air to flow through a pipe in a swirling motion, making the dry smoke the smoothest it can be without the addition of water.

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