Bamboo Bongs

Get in touch with Mother Nature with our collection of all-natural bamboo bongs from Maui Wowie. Earth, wind, fire, and water come together to produce a smooth and soothing smoking experience. Sustainably grown and handcrafted in Maui, these bamboo bongs are made from timber strength bamboo to create a shatterproof piece. With over seven years of research and development, Maui Wowie has brought the traditional wooden bong into the world of modern day smoking.

Each bamboo stalk is sustainably harvested and dried for six months before it is made into a unique piece. Afterward, the stalk is treated with natural waterproofing oils and then tempered like blown glass. The act of tempering bonds the bamboo at a molecular level. Tempering strengthens the material and creates a virtually indestructible, living glass bong. With a coating of beeswax, the interior and bottom are sealed and waterproofed. The bongs are then finished with a second application of oils, polished for a satin sheen, and branded with unique designs. Each piece is fitted with a glass downstem and bowl to avoid burning. Over time the wax holding the downstem in place will wear. However, the seal at the base of each bong is made with enough wax to make repairs for a lifetime. The Bootube also comes with a maintenance instruction manual and a lifetime warranty.

Bamboo is known as a symbol of peace and balance around the world, making these the quintessential peace pipe. The makers carve the prayer “use consciously” into the bottom of each all-natural piece to inspire the users to act and live with intention, fostering open-mindedness and a connection to the earth.

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