Silicone Bongs

Made from BPA free non-toxic Medical Grade Silicone, these bongs are not only safe to smoke from but are extremely durable pieces. Although traditional glass pieces are epic and uniquely designed, nonetheless they’re composed of a material that is easily damaged. Unlike glass pieces, silicone bongs are sturdy, lightweight and almost impossible to break. These qualities make silicone pipes ideal for smokers who like to travel, attend festivals, parties, and new smokers who may not be ready for a heady bong.

On top of being lightweight and durable, silicone bongs are extremely easy to clean and maintain, simply because they’re almost indestructible and can withstand a strenuous cleaning. In addition, Silicone bongs are affordable and tend to be less expensive than glass bongs. Silicone pipes are made of a material that allows for more visual creativity of color and bright designs, giving you the ability to own a piece that suits your style.

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