Box Mods

Box mods are e-cigarettes that are produced in a box shape to hold a larger battery. These mods can last for hours on one charge even with frequent use. Box mods include safety features, custom temperature controls and variable wattage settings for added efficiency. Because of the large battery size, box mods allow for powerful hits that let you blow clouds of vapor into the air.

The term “mod” comes from the early days of vaping in which people would use box-shaped household items such as tobacco tins to hold a battery that they could attach to an atomizer and modify into an e-cigarette. Luckily, mods have come a long way since the early days.

Temperature controls can determine how hot the coil is and prevent the mod from exceeding a certain temperature making burnt tasting, dry hits less likely. Also, the variable wattage settings allow you to control the amount of power the mod is using and gear it to your vaping preferences and habits.

The best box mods are highly advanced and operate with enough battery power to sustain long vape sessions without having to charge up all the time. This lessens the chances of overcharging the battery and wearing it down over time. If charged properly, these box vape mods can be very durable.

Mods are perfect for beginners as well as advanced e-cigarette users. Simply follow the instructions that come with the device and make sure you have put in your e-juice correctly. Then, you are all set to start vaping like a pro.

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