Vaporizers have quickly become some of the most popular devices to use for consuming herbs and concentrates. They have gained a reputation for being a healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods. Vaporizers are considered healthier because they do not ignite herb or other substances to the point of combustion. Instead, they heat the concentrate or e-liquid until it produces a vapor that is inhaled. When the herb or tobacco is ignited, the smoke contains carcinogens and other toxins that are harmful to your health. Vaporizers do not ignite the material, so no smoke is being produced, and harmful toxins are not released.

Desktop Vapes vs. Portable Vape Pens

At Kannakart we have both portable vapes, known as pens, and desktop vapes for sale. Portable vape pens are smaller and easier to take on-the-go. Due to their smaller size, they typically use a different method to heat concentrates or herb. They use the conduction method, which utilizes a coil to produce the heat. They also use a battery and a charger. Desktop vapes are stationary and are good to use at home and keep on a desk or table. These vapes use the convection heating method which is a bit more complex but just as effective. This method is similar to an oven where the heat is circulated around the concentrate or herb until it is vaporized. These vaporizers are usually plugged into an outlet.

We offer many different types of desktop vapes, vape pens and various tools and accessories you’ll need to get started vaping. Whether you prefer a desktop or portable vaporizer, we provide high-quality vaporizers. If you have any questions about vaporizers or don’t know what you’re looking for, please let us know here. We’d love to give you a hand!

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