upline water pipe

18″ Upline Stemless Water Pipe | Grav Labs

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Designed by Micah Evans. Innovative designs are nothing new for Micah Evans. The upline combines functionality with architectural elegance. Water is pulled through the spine of the piece filtering the smoke in each chamber.

Decal colors may vary.

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Grav Labs 18 Inch Upline Water Pipe

The O.G. of the Upline Brand. Designed by Micah Evans, the Upline water pipe is a first of its kind that set the stage of Advanced Perconomics. Each Upline features a row of restrictions that signify individual forced stacked ladder Percs wherein the directional airflow is juxtaposed with hydrodynamics and gravity diffusing and stacking bubbles all the way up. The flared foot and sleek climbing aesthetic have made this original iteration of the Upline a fan favorite in markets across the globe.