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6” SPG Fixed Umbrella Flare Rig | Grav Labs


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The Fixed Umbrella Flare Rig comes in various colors and includes a quartz cut dome and nail attachment. The Umbrella perc is a new addition to the line of Grav Labs products so be a trendsetter and give it a try.

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6″ SPG Fixed Umbrella Flare Rig by Grav Labs

The Grav Labs SPG Fixed Umbrella Perc Rig includes a quartz nail, bent neck, durable glass and a flared mouthpiece.  The perfect addition to any collection.  Comes in various colors and includes a flared foot base,  an umbrella perc, 14mm domeless quartz nail and an angle cut dome.

The Grav Labs SPG Umbrella Flare Rig was featured in our Ultimate Dab Rigs Guide. Check it out for some things to look for when buying your next oil rig!