empire glassworks rpg one hitter
empire glassworks rpg one hitter

The Destroyer One Hitter | Empire Glassworks

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This 7 in. RPG One Hitter by Empire Glassworks will blow your mind right off.

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Empire Glassworks RPG One Hitter

Smoke is cluttering your vision, and the sound of blasts are ringing in your eardrums. For each soldier wearing the same proud uniform as you that drops, there’s the drowning cries of at least ten of your enemies falling to the ground. Despite this chaos, your heartbeat is steadily pounding to the beat of the battle. You’re at the frontline of this attack, and your men are slowly succeeding in pushing back the enemy force.  

Just when you think the end of the battle is close, the ground begins to rumble ominously, and you see the enemy bulldozing in with their massive tank, blasting dozens of shots at your fellow men. It seems like the tides have turned for the worse and there’s a wave of fresh panic amongst the troops. You’re calm though, lieutenant.

You grab the rocket-pulled grenade from behind you and boost the launcher on your shoulder, aiming and pulling the trigger. The explosion is massive, and the roar of the destroyed machine is deafening, but the victorious cheers of your men are thunderous. You have won. You have defeated the herb-haters.

Relive this epic moment of sweet victory with Empire Glassworks’ The Destroyer One Hitter. Durable enough to last a battle and come out winning, this glass piece is covered with multiple ultra-thin layers of various metals. With a robust RGP-7 design and seven inches long, this powerful one-hitter is fired at over 1000 degrees in the kiln for absolute resilience. Discreet and more odorless because the majority of the smoke is inhaled instead of spread in the air, you can safely sneak into enemy lines.

Lieutenant, you know that brute strength isn’t going to win you the war. You need to be cunning and resourceful as well. This means conserving your supply, especially when you’re running low on ammo. One-hitters are perfect for this because they’re designed for single pulls and they have small chambers, forcing you to use fewer herbs and helping you avoid wasting your precious supply. What are you waiting for lieutenant? A goddamn sign? Use The Destroyer One-Hitter and continue the battle with a smoke so explosive it destroyed the enemy’s tank.


  • 7 in. long
  • Detailed RPG Design
  • Glass Made in USA
  • Designed in California
  • Thick Glass

What’s in the box

  • 7 in. One Hitter
  • Kannakart Chapstick
  • Kannakart Sticker

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