grav labs helix classic mini pipe

6″ Helix Classic Mini Pipe | Grav Labs

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The Venturi shaped body of the Grav Labs Helix Classic is manufactured to meet micro-hole and directional air-intake specifications that create the incredible Helix swirling action. At just 6 inches in length, this pipe fits perfectly in your hand and packs quite a punch.

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Grav Labs Helix Classic Mini Pipe

The Grav Labs Helix Classic Mini Pipe gets the job done. The cooling action that the Helix Classic provides is unmatched. You can take a rip without the burning feeling in the back of your throat that many dry pipes create. With no water involved whatsoever, this pipe creates hits that feel as smooth as a bong rip.

Smoking the Helix Classic Mini Pipe is a unique experience. The swirling smoke action creates a sick visual effect inside of the chamber. You can practically feel yourself get lost in a trance watching the smoke vortex cloud up the pipe before inhalation.

Being only 6 inches in length, this pipe can be stored easily and taken on the go. You won’t have the hassle of lugging around a huge pipe if you need to take your favorite piece from place to place. The Helix Classic Mini Pipe is perfect for anyone looking for a small but high-quality dry pipe. Enjoy!