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Helix Classic | Grav Labs

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The 8 inch Venturi shaped body of the Classic Helix is manufactured to meet micro-hole and directional air-intake specifications that create the incredible Helix Swirling Action.

Decal colors may vary.

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Grav Labs Helix Pipe Classic

Looking for a simple, but effective handheld piece? Based on Bernoulli’s “Principle of Air Flow in a Venturi Shape,” this quality Grav Labs Helix Pipe Classic utilizes a wide base in the airflow chamber that allows cold air to fuse with the hot smoke. The result is a cool and clean hit that tends to limit the coughing effect that is normally associated with pipes of this design. This allows the user to take a powerful hit that almost feels as smooth as an ice-catcher would without the hassle of carrying around a large pipe. The conveniently smaller hand pipe limits the chances of breaking glass which will ruin any smoke-sesh. In addition, the rounded claws at the bottom of the piece allow it to perch comfortably on the surface of counter or table. Ultimately, this piece allows people to conserve what they’re smoking while getting a wicked hit at the same time. What separates this piece is its ability to reduce the burning of the throat that comes from consuming a lot of smoke at once. The classic  Grav Labs Helix Pipe is perfect for anyone in search of a high-caliber glass pipe without spending over $100.

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