grav labs orion stax kit

Orion Stax Kit | Grav Labs

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Stax Kits are the simplest way to order Stax. Each kit comes with everything you need to make a fully functional Stax configurations. Let these combinations inspire you to create your own Stax masterpiece.

Decal colors may vary.

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Orion Grav Labs Stax Kit

The Orion Grav Labs Stax Kit features Stax Dual Action Inline Base, Circ Perc Filter, and 45° angle Mouthpiece.

Grav Labs Stax Kits represent a diverse sampling of our favorite time-tested modular builds. Each kit is fully equipped with a Base, Perc, and Mouthpiece and is built to be a versatile launch pad for your ultimate Stax collection. Our Stax Kits are built to make ordering easy and to provide a plethora of parts and pieces that can be customized at your leisure.