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Hercules Stax Kit | Grav Labs

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Stax Kits are the simplest way to order Stax. Each kit comes with everything you need to make a fully functional Stax configurations. Let these combinations inspire you to create your own Stax masterpiece.

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Hercules Stax Bong Kit

The Hercules Stax Kit by Grav Labs is a force to be reckoned with. It comes fully loaded with a Stax Coil Shower Head Flare Base, Halo Perc, Coil Perc, and a 45° angle Mouthpiece. Each and every detail of this kit is intended to maximize performance and user experience. The Hercules Stax Kit exemplifies the strength and dominance of the hero Hercules. Its smooth, clean, and powerful hits are as close to heroic as glass can be. The 45° angle at which the mouthpiece bends allows you to take a hit while the base is kept secure on any surface. This allows you to take a comfortable rip without having to hold the bong at an awkward, risky angle. When you are investing in high quality glass, the last thing you want to see is a shattered glass pipe. The angled mouthpiece helps keep your bong safe and lessens the chance of it breaking. The multiple percs diffuse each hit and make the smoke cleaner and smoother. Standing at 25 inches tall, the Hercules Stax Kit is powerful and efficient. Are you strong enough to take on the Hercules?

Stax Kits represent a diverse sampling of our favorite time-tested modular builds. Each kit is fully equipped with a Base, Perc, and Mouthpiece and is constructed to be a versatile launch pad for your ultimate Stax collection. Our Stax Kits are created to make ordering easy and to provide a plethora of parts and pieces that can be customized at your leisure.