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The Kimberly in Fushia leather really compliments this discreet carry case w/wristlet. It's soft supple leather with Odor Loc Tech has a removable wristlet for added convenience.  Designed to go inside your tote or be carried on its own, the Kimberly sports smell proof zippers inside and out, and with her extra discreet inside pocket you'll feel confident outside, as all the scents are kept inside!

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Kimberly Fushia Odorless Fashion Accessory

The Kimberly Fushia Odorless Fashion accessory in this bold color paired with soft leather can go with almost anything. It’s perfect for any season, so you can show it off and conceal any pungent smells you prefer to remain unnoticed. This accessory is organized to offer extra room to accommodate a cell phone. Attached is a matching wristlet, so you can use it as a clutch or a purse just for your phone. There are many small pockets so you can stash some credit cards, cash, or other essential items. Its special features include odor-loc technology as well as smell-proof zippers. The smell proof zippers are located inside and outside of the bag, so you can have double the protection. On the underside of the bag, there are four feet so you can sit it upright or lay it on its side. With its ability to keep any order hidden and its stylish look, you’ll want to bring it with you almost everywhere you go.