stax dual action inline base

Stax Dual Action Inline Base | Grav Labs

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Looking for a piece that does it all? Whether you like to dabble with concentrates or prefer herb, this piece has you covered with a bowl on one side and a rig on the other. Features 45x5mm glass, 34mm joint, 7-inch build.

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Stax Dual Action Inline Base by Grav Labs

Introducing, the Stax Dual Action Inline Base. Having the option to take a concentrate hit simultaneously with a herb hit makes the smoking experience more social. Let’s be honest, a major downside to hitting a glass piece is that only one person can hit it at a time. For glass users who prefer smoking with friends, the dual action set-up adds a whole new element to a smoke sesh. You can hit your concentrates on one end, while a friend takes a herb hit on the other. On the flip side, if you don’t have a friend to smoke with at the time or prefer the solidarity of a quiet smoke sesh, you can choose to hit either herb or concentrate using a plug. This piece is the best of both worlds for anyone who likes some diversity in their smoke sesh. Attach it to a Grav Labs Stax perc and mouthpiece of your choosing and you’re ready to go. Tailor it to the mood you are in or the supplies you have on hand and enjoy.