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The Frankie Odor Proof Case | Annabis



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The Frankie Odor Proof Case is the perfect carry case for your vape! It's small and portable making it the perfect carry case for your everyday life!

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The Frankie Odor Proof Case by Annabis

Classy, minimalist, and honest, Frankie lives up to her name of being frank. She’s bold in her simplicity and is proud in her candor. Besides her “Take-me-as-I-am” attitude, what sets Frankie apart from the rest is that she is unisex. With a gender-neutral design, anyone can use this compact case to discreetly hold their pipes, vapors, papers, and – the star of the show – the flower. Whether you’re a guy or girl getting ready for a party, or you just need a secure place to hold your smoking tools when you’re on the go, Frankie is made for the job. The Frankie Vape Case is similar to the size of a pencil case so that even if others see it, they won’t suspect a thing. It’s extremely portable, you can grab it as you’re walking out the door and toss it in your bookbag or purse.

Just because Frankie looks simple in design, doesn’t mean she’s a simple case. Frankie is equipped with AnnaBis’ Aroma-Bloc Technology. Thin layers of durable, lightweight, and heat resistant resin films create a protective shield to contain all odors. With airtight zippers to stop even the tiniest of smells from sneaking out, Frankie is the do-it-all vape case. She comes with a fully lined interior, middle divider, and a zippered center compartment with Aroma-Bloc Technology, so you’re completely covered!

When it comes to cleaning, “low-maintenance” is what you want to hear and Frankie is exactly that. A quick wipe-down with some mild soap or detergent and she’s ready to go again! The Frankie Vape Case is available in four different classy styles: black or brown crosshatch leather and black of brown woven leather.