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The Melissa Wristlet by Annabis

For the people who have a hard time keeping track of all their numerous smoking tools, the Melissa Wristlet is perfect for you! Similar to AnnaBis’ fashionable Melissa Clutch, but with a wristlet that makes carrying it around easy, Melissa is a go-to accessory. A compact bag designed for ultimate organization and convenience, Melissa has two main zippered compartments to hold your pipes and vapes. Never worry about any scents leaking out of your bag again because Melissa is a responsible gal. Ever have those friends that have partied too hard and are stumbling around the sidewalk? Well, think of Melissa as the designated driver. Her two zippered compartments are made with AnnaBis’ trademarked Aroma-Bloc Technology. That means durable and heat resistant resin films, such as the ones typically used in the medical and electrical industries, are layered together to create an airtight shell that will contain all odors. Airtight zippers ensure that there are no smells sneaking out. You can safely carry your flower and smoking tools without anyone knowing.

Besides your vapes and pipes, a girl’s gotta have her everyday essentials. You can’t leave the home without your trusty lighter, hand lotion, and eye drops, Melissa has convenient pockets so that everything is easy to find. With a stylish leather exterior, Melissa will fit seamlessly with any outfit. Just because she’s a responsible bag doesn’t mean she can’t have fun! So grab your own wristlet now with the assurance that all of your smoking tools and essentials will be in good hands.

To go along with her reputation as the responsible friend, cleaning the Melissa Wristlet is made easy as well. She requires little maintenance other than the occasional wipe-down along her interior with a mild detergent. For the exterior, use a soft cloth with a little soap. The Melissa Wristlet is available in three different styles of leather: Brown Crosshatch, Blue hair on calf, and Black crosshatch.