Aerospaced Four Piece Grinder

USA Four Piece Grinder | AEROSPACED


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  • 4 Piece Grinder / Sifter
  • Made in the USA
  • Razor Sharp Teeth
  • Magnetic Lid

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USA Aerospaced Four Piece Grinder

Known for producing high-quality products for a lower price, Aerospaced has not disappointed with the USA Aerospaced four piece grinder. Most grinders are made from poor quality materials and feel as though they are novelty items.The USA is not just another trinket to add to your smoking collection. This kitchen-grade utensil is designed for efficiency and excels where other grinders fail. Milled from a single block of CNC aluminum, each Aerospaced grinder is made to last a lifetime. The sharp teeth don’t dull like other grinders and can break down the toughest of dried herbs, even going so far as to be able to grind whole peppercorns. Equipped with a strong magnetic closure, the USA is ideal for spill-free transit. This magnetic closure and the easy-to-open (yet secure) chambers make this product easier to use for those with limited dexterity in their hands. Each colored grinder is tinted through anodization, removing the need for paint that could potentially chip away. This process also hardens the aluminum creating an even more durable product. The colors available are Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Silver.

Like other Aerospaced products, the USA four piece grinder produces a finely textured grind, perfect for both vaping and smoking. A finer texture of herbs is needed while vaping, and this grinder delivers! This product is a standard four piece grinder with three chambers, with the last two chambers separated by a screen. The second chamber can hold up to two grams of shredded herbs, while the screen sifts any powders or pollen into the last chamber. Each Aerospaced grinder comes with a handy guitar pick scraper. The unique shape of this scraper allows the user to collect larger amounts of powders at one time, as well as reach any small nooks and crannies that may have been harder to reach. This product was made in the USA.