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Recently improved! For waxy oils and herbal extracts only. 100% Charged and tested means you don't need to wait to use your pen for the first time. White ceramic cores are smoother than quartz and faster than “donuts.” VB Eleven costs less and performs better than other leading pens.

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VB Eleven Pen Deluxe Kit

VB Eleven Pen Vaporizer Deluxe Kit: The latest upgrade to our award-winning wax pen.** For Wax/Oils and Herbal Extracts only. Not for liquid (e-juice) or dry herbs.

VB Eleven Pen is packed with features that make it our best vape pen to date!

  • Now using the time-tested EVOD style vape battery – Sleeker, smarter, better
  • Flush mount button with charge level indication
  • Every unit we sell has been 100% charged and tested at full temperature
  • Special hollow ceramic core heats faster and wicks better
  • Titanium-Nickel Alloy Wire – More inert and long lasting than pure Titanium
  • Air restriction is eliminated with the additional vent hole in the cone
  • No separate charger to lose- Use any quality Micro USB charger **See note below
  • No more bottom cap
  • Roomy zipper case
  • Includes bonus silicone container and 2.5′ charging cable
  • New Lifetime Warranty: 90 Days defect-only exchange. $14 equivalent battery replacement regardless of wear and tear.

Special notes: Buy some extra heaters with your pen

As in all vape pens, the heaters are delicate and should be considered an expendable item needing to be replaced occasionally. Creating dependable vapor from a tiny battery requires ultra low mass heaters which need to be treated with extra care. That said, on the average, we find our parts lasting significantly longer than any other pen company. Vaporbrothers heaters and batteries undergo extra testing to make this possible. Expect your heater to last for approx 2 months to 9 months for moderate use.

Battery Life

Vape pen battery life varies by the number of times charged and the quality of the charger among other factors like heat and length of hits.

Choosing a Charger

Vape Pens come with a micro USB charging cable. Try to only plug it into high-quality power sources such as name branded chargers for smart phones or a computer. Convenience store chargers or fake Apple chargers give out damaging frequencies and currents that regularly kill pen batteries or shorten their life. We respect brands such as Belkin, Anker or Apple.