The Whoopee Vape Case Cognac Vegan | Annabis

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The Whoopee Vape Case in Cognac Vegan by Annabis is the perfect case for carrying your vape on your travels. It’s easily portable and a wonderful solution for integrating your vape into your everyday life.

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The Whoopee Vape Case Cognac Vegan by Annabis

A neat, classy case that screams high style, the Whoopee vape case is an essential for every girl that vapes. Instead of pulling your vaporizer out of the now-shabby box it came in or even that random drawstring bag you’ve been using to hold your precious vape, upgrade yourself with the Whoopee Vape Case. Capable of protecting your vape or pipe along with your lighter/ charger and flower, Whoopee proves that beautiful things can be functional! Take her out on a night on the town or just put it on your nightstand for a pop of elegance, Whoopee will liven up the room during any occasion.

With a gorgeous protective shell, the Whoopee Vape Case has AnnaBis’ signature Aroma-Bloc Technology to lock in any unwanted odors. Durable, layered resin films and airtight zippers combine to create the ultimate sealed case. AnnaBis’ Aroma-Bloc Technology has been tested and proven to withhold the smelliest things known to man. Small and compact, don’t let Whoopee fool you with her appearance. The size of Whoopee means easy mobility for the user. Take her anywhere and anytime for a day at work or a night out on the town. You can either flaunt her as she is or toss her in your larger bag when you’re on the go. She is discreet and perfect for any occasion.

Just because Whoopee is stylish doesn’t mean she’s high maintenance. Other than a quick wipe-down on her exterior and interior with a mild detergent, she doesn’t require a whole lot. The Whoopee Vape Case is available in multiple different leather styles so you can pick the one that speaks to you. For those who are more environmentally-conscious, Whoopee comes in two beautiful vegan-friendly versions so you can feel confident that the accessory you’re buying fits your lifestyle.