X1 Vaporizer

X1 Vaporizer | Quickdraw


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Quickdraw X1 Vaporizer FEATURES

  • For use with solid concentrates
  • Includes 2 atomizers
  • Load as You Go
  • Only 4″ in length for maximum portability
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Quickdraw X1 Vaporizer

The X1 Vaporizer by QuckDraw is a refined, compact vaporizer that heats quickly and vaporizes solid concentrates evenly and completely. The titanium heating element is housed within a deep chamber, allowing for simple loading and less mess. Small enough to be ultra-portable, yet tough enough to handle heavy use, the X1 Vaporizer is the perfect device for every lifestyle.


Fully charge the QuickDraw X1’s Lithium-ion battery and begin loading your solid concentrates. Remove the chamber from the battery and fill loosely to ensure proper airflow. Press power button firmly while drawing.


For best functionality, be sure to clean and maintain the QuickDraw X1 regularly. Disconnect battery before cleaning. To clean Heating Chamber, use brush gently around chamber walls. Avoid contact with heating element. When the battery is depleted, charge fully before using again to maximize battery life.


  • QuickDraw X1
    – Lithium-ion Battery
    – Aromatic Blend Atomizer
    – Solid Concentrate Atomizer
    – Mouthpiece Cap
  • Charging Kit
    – USB Charger
    – Wall Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Loading Tool
  • Glass Storage Jar
  • 5x Silicone Mouthpiece Tips
  • User Manual