Raw has its roots in Alcoy, Spain where the rolling paper industry has been in existence since the 1800s. Today, Raw has a factory in Alcoy where experienced craftsmen make authentic rolling papers. Raw finds its competitive edge in its all-natural, unbleached, unrefined papers that eliminate many of the harmful additives which are found in common papers. It was founded when Josh Kesselman noticed his friends becoming more interested in smoking natural, additive free tobacco. He became determined to find an all-natural tobacco wrap to accommodate this trend. Initially, manufacturers rejected his ideas, stubborn and unwilling to believe that all-natural papers, if possible, would even be able to be mass produced in a manner that would turn them a profit. These critics saw too much risk involved and did not want to spend the time and resources that would be needed to create something they were unsure about. Nonetheless, Josh kept on pushing and developed his organic hemp Raw papers using most of his own finances. Raw has been a huge success story with support from celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and others. Smokers have come to love the way these natural papers burn slow while doing less harm to your lungs. Raw rolling papers and Raw cones are perfect if you are someone looking for a healthier alternative to something such as cigar papers because they still burn well with less harmful effects.