Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder engineers their grinders to have the sharpest teeth, superior grip, extra strong magnets, and a scratch resistant surface.  Santa Cruz Shredder manufacturers all of their products in California, so buying your new grinder will support an American business.

These grinders are cleaned using high-frequency sound waves to eliminate all contaminates.  The magnets Santa Cruz Shredder uses are triple coated for durability and functionality.  Santa Cruz uses a unique teeth pattern in their grinders that won’t dull, and won’t flake after a lot of use.

The steel screens filter out dirt, fertilizer and other impurities.  The stainless steel screen uses an optimal micron size to ensure that you’re letting enough “stuff” filter throughout without letting the extra particles in.  Kannakart is proud to offer our customers a large selection of the highest quality grinders.