The Encyclopedia of Smoker Terms

We have assembled a list of terms that will help you understand what different products are used for, what different parts of a water pipes does, and what smoker slang terms mean. Never get left in the dark again, you are now the expert.


Adjustable Nail

One of the big reasons why cleaning is extremely important is because you can get sick from the bacteria that can grow in an unclean bong. Dirty water left in your bong can grow all kinds of fun things like fungi, yeasts and all kinds of bacteria. All of which can turn into a biofilm.


Analog Vaporizer

Analog vaporizers are straightforward and user-friendly. Select the temperature you want, and the vape will heat up to your desired temperature and click off automatically when it’s ready to go.


Angle Cut Dome

Angle Cut Domes are domes cut at an angle for stylistic appeal. They can be a sleek addition to your glass pipe.



Ashcatchers are water pipe attachments that filter out unwanted materials like ash, dirt and debris to keep your glass piece clean.


Balloon Bag Vaporizer

Balloon bag vaporizers utilize large plastic bags that prevent vapor loss and allow for a better taste and more enjoyable vaping experience.


Barrel Perc

Barrel percolators create less drag than most percs because they contain extra slits and a smaller chamber.


Beaker Bong

Beakers are water pipes with a large cylinder shaped base. The beaker shape allows for more water and in turn, more filtration. Beaker bongs are also harder to knock over because of their wide base.


Bent Neck

Bent Neck refers to the slanted style of some water pipes. This style allows for easier use on tables and keeps your face away from the spark, just in case you’re accident prone.



A bong, more formally known as a water pipe, uses water to filter and cool your smoke. Bongs allow for huge hits because they’re often equipped with a perc to cool the smoke even further.


Bowl and Dome

A bowl holds the flower to be smoke and fits into an appropriate slide. A dome acts as a cover for a bowl or nail, regulating temperature and controlling smoke.


Box Mod

A device that contains a circuit board that allows for customization of voltage/wattage. These devices are most commonly used for vaporizing concentrates.



A smaller smoking device that uses a carb and filters your smoke through water. These are typically much smaller than bongs and therefore yield smaller hits. If you’re willing to sacrifice hit strength for portability, then a bubbler should be your go-to.



Often found in bubblers and small glass pipes, a carb controls the flow of air when taking a hit.


Carb Cap

A cap which is meant to cover a bowl or nail after a hit. This regulates temperature and controls smoke.



When all the product in a bowl has been smoked and only ash remains.



An individual who uses a vaporizer at low temperature to produce a large cloud of vapor. This can be used to do tricks with the cloud or to impress others with its size.



When a bowl is lit one time and remains ablaze after. Often referred to as rolling, this implies that the next person to use the bowl will not have to light it.



A small, glass one-hitter that doesn’t use a carb. These are compact and are primarily for personal use.



A coiled metal wire that has its temperature regulated and is used for vaporizing concentrates. These are usually very small and found inside vaporizer pens/ smaller devices.


Coil Perc

A coiled metal wire that has its temperature regulated and is used for vaporizing concentrates. These are usually very small and found inside vaporizer pens and other small devices.


Cyclone Perc

A type of percolator that while inhaling creates a water cyclone effect within the piece. This effect promotes diffusion and looks appealing.


Dab Rig

A water pipe or bong designated for the use of concentrates. Rigs vary in style and size, all of which use water.



A tool used to manipulate concentrates. Use this tool for applying substances to a nail/dabber.


Desktop Vaporizer

A vaporizer that plugs into the wall and has a higher voltage/wattage than handhelds. These devices often use a tube or a bag for consumption.


Dewar’s Joint

A type of glass reinforcement that binds to joints together for a stronger bond. This type of joint is commonly found on higher quality glass, as it makes the bong sturdier and less prone to accidental damage.


Detachable Neck

The neck of a piece is removable.  This makes your piece easier to transport and you can store the pieces easily after detaching them.



A custom tube added to a water pipe which creates more diffusion for a smoother hit. These are typically at the bottom of the piece submerged in water.


Digital Vaporizer

Much like a desktop vaporizer, this device uses a digital display to show temperature and other information.


Direct Draw Vaporizer

A type of vaporizer where the user inhales to draw the vapor directly from the tube/mouthpiece.


Disc Perc

Glass fragments compressed together creating a permeable disk of glass. These holes account for greater diffusion and percolation.


Dome Perc

A glass dome used to guide smoke to the bottom of the water column. There are small triangular slits around the base of the dome which allow smoke to travel.


Domeless Nail

A nail which retains heat and does not use a glass dome to do so. These are often used in conjunction with a carb cap to regulate temperature.



A small wooden box used for storage while doubling as a one-hitter.



A mixture used in vapor products like e-cigarettes or vaporizers.



A vaporization device that holds a temperature constant using a coil and electricity.



A vaporization device that holds a temperature constant using a coil and electricity.


Female Joint

An outward protrusion from the glass itself where a bowl in inserted. A female joint needs a male bowl.


Fixed Downstem

A piece with an irremovable downstem.


Flared Mouthpiece

A mouthpiece that flares outward at one end which is more comfortable for the user.


Glass Dropdown

A female glass adapter that must fit a male joint. The dropdown acts as another layer of diffusion.


Globe Heater

A glass globe that is placed over a nail to prevent the loss of smoke.


Glycerin Coil

A filtration device within a glass piece made from glycerin. This material has a much lower freezing point, allowing it to stay cold longer to provide a crisper hit.


Grav Bong

A two-piece bong using a container of water. After lighting the tobacco, push down the smaller piece until it reaches the bottom of your water. Remove the bowl and inhale through the mouthpiece as you bring the smaller piece back above the water.


Gridded Style

A style of glass that creates ridges and grooves which create a visually appealing texture.



Also known as a double-ended inline percolator. This glass is shaped like the head of a hammerhead shark to create great diffusion without sacrificing quality.



A metallic or ceramic nozzle which is used to absorb the heat of smoking, thus creating a cooler and smoother hit.


Heady Glass

High end and intricate glass crafted by experienced blowers. These pieces often include exclusive designs and references to modern or popular influences.


Honeycomb Perc

A type of disk percolator that utilizes the structure of a honeycomb to create multiple diffusion points.


Ice Catcher/Ice-Pitch

A notch in the tube of a bong which allows ice to rest and cool the smoke as it is inhaled.


Inline Perc

A horizontal tube within a bong that has slits along the body and acts a diffuser.



A primarily Philadelphia-based term used to describe a person, place, thing or event.


Male Joint

An outward protrusion from the glass itself where a bowl is placed over. A male joint is to be covered by a female bowl.


Mushroom Perc

A percolator that has a decorative mushroom top and flares outward at the bottom for diffusion. Often times these are used cosmetically, not for increased effectiveness.


Nail Banger

This device acts a small bucket which attached to a joint on a bong. The bucket is used for vaporizing concentrates and offers a cleaner and smoother taste.


Nectar Collector

A syringe-like, portable pipe used to vaporize concentrates. Allows the user to more easily pace themselves and prevent waste.


No Splash-Back

A feature of many water pipes, ensuring that the water will not splash up the neck of the pipe.




Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol, the more commonly used base for e-cig liquid. PG has a thinner consistency than vegetable glycerin which may cause the liquid to burn through more quickly. However, it is less likely to coat the coils and is easier to clean.


Polished Joint

A glass insert for smoking concentrates from water pipes. Unlike ground joints, these are polished like the rest of the pipe and are less likely to stick.


Portable Vaporizer

Small electronic devices that allow the user to vaporize dry flower or concentrates on the go.


Ratchet Disc

A circular percolator with holes lining the outside of the disc for better filtration and airflow.


Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA)

Generally, for more experienced users, an RBA requires that the user assemble the wick and wire themselves for a more customizable experience.


Reclaim Catcher

A small cup attachment for water pipes that collects any extra concentrates to keep the pipe clean and prevent waste. Any collected concentrates can be easily accessed through a removable cap on the bottom. Also known as a Reclaimer or a Reclaim Bucket.



A type of water pipe that cycles both smoke and water through various chambers acting as a filter to provide a smoother hit.


Removable Downstem

A small tube inserted into a water pipe and submerged to filter smoke through water. A feature of many water pipes, a removable downstem is more easily cleaned and customized.


Removable Mouthpiece

An attachment that allows the user to customize and clean their pipe more easily. When purchasing a separate mouthpiece, it is important to note the size and type of joint on the pipe the ensure compatibility.



A technique used to create texture or etch into glass using high-pressure air and sand. Sandblasted glass, unlike polished glass, has a smooth matte finish.


Scientific Glass

Also known as borosilicate, this type of glass is made to be more resilient against thermal shock. Pieces made with scientific glass are generally higher quality and made to resemble scientific equipment.



The act of exhaling smoke into the mouth of a partner as they inhale.


Showerhead Perc

A water pipe percolator that resembles a showerhead. A vertical tube attached to a rounded chamber with small holes or slits that force the smoke downwards for diffusion and filtration.



A water pipe designed with the neck attached to the side of the body. This is done to reduce splashback and increase portability and style.


Splash Guard

A dome-shaped piece of glass under the ice catcher in bongs that stops water from getting into your mouth if you inhale too hard.


Stemless Water Pipe

A pipe without a detachable downstem. Instead, an “L” shaped glass stem is typically attached to the outside of the pipe.


Stereo Perc or Matrix Perc

A water pipe percolator with small slits cut in a gridded design around a cylindrical chamber. Also known as a Matrix Perc.


Straight Tube

A water pipe designed as a straight, vertical cylinder. This type of pipe is more common and easiest to clean.


Swiss Perc

Named for its resemblance to Swiss cheese, the Swiss perc is a disc designed with large holes built into a water pipe. The holes both filter the smoke and allow it to cool, creating a smoother hit.


Thick Glass

A feature of many glass pipes. The thicker construction of the glass ensures that the piece will be less likely to break.


Tree Perc

A water pipe percolator with submerged, branch-like arms to help diffuse and filtrate smoke. The arms are constructed with small openings to allow for the formation of bubbles. The smaller the openings, the smaller the bubbles, creating more diffusion and filtration.


Vape Pen

A small, discreet device that vaporizes dry flower and concentrates for an alternative to smoking.



A device that uses a heating element to vaporize dry flower and concentrates for an alternative to smoking.


Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Vegetable Glycerin is an alternative to Propylene Glycol as a base for e-cigarette liquid. VG is thicker and sweeter than PG. This thicker base is known to coat the coils and tank, making it harder to clean.


Whip Vaporizer

Commonly thought of as the “old-school” way to vape, whip-style units avoid direct contact with heating elements creating no smoke or combustion. Whip-style vapes generally consist of a glass wand for the flower, tubing, and a mouthpiece. These allow the user to draw hot air over the flower to create the vapor. This simpler way to vape creates a cleaner, more pure vapor without being overly technical.